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21 June 2016, Comments 0


Active are progressives which meet the wishes and demands for modern and curved frames on dynamic and active “presbyopies”. These users also need stability of the picture in fast and sudden movements. No matter if your customer is recreational or professional athlete, you can finally offer him the most appropriate progressive solution for doing sports with minimal aberrations even in very curved frames.


Active Elegance are sportive progressive lenses intended for minus diopters and bigger base curves present in most of the sportive frames. The wide visual sight on middle distance provides big comfort to the users in dynamic activities.

• The advantige of Active Elegance is seen in the minimal thickness on the verge of the lenses. This kind of designed lenses offers superior optical and aesthetic balance in terms of standard production of sportive progressive lenses.

Ideal for active users.

- Progressive lenses design intended for sports activities
- It features with wide range sight in middle distance
- Possibility for creation of more curved bases with special calculations
- Minimal fitting heights 18 and 20mm
- Production range for the base from 6.00 and 8.00

Detailed informations

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