Alvera 350 ml

22 June 2016, Comments 0

Alvera 350 ml

Protects in the most natural way

Avizor Avizor has lauched Alvera, new all-in-one solution which is especially recommended for daily cleaning of contact silicone hydrogel. The formula of Alvera contains all natural benefits of Aloe Vera which allows unique comfort and protection to our customer’s eyes.

The product is unique on the market:
- Designed and specially tested for usage of silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The clinical examinations made on lenses from this material show excellent results for COMFORT while wearing silicone hydrogel lenses after using Alverа.
- Because of the protection provided by Alvera: Aloe Vera creates a layer of epithelial tissue which preventsingress of dirtsthat may cause damage and by that reduces the risk of irritation.
- This is a product specially designed to act against the lipids. The conducted study shows that Alvera is the most effective solution. Not only that it cleans the lipids better, but it also decreases the intention to collection of lipids on the surface of the lenses and by this it significantly increases the hygiene and comfort while wearing silicone hydrogel lenses.

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