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20 July 2016, Comments 0

Blue filter / Blue Glide

Long term radiation and effect of artificial blue light on the human body is one of the factors that drastically impairs the overall health of the person, especially the eye, because it is directly exposed.
The new types of active screens of the devices that we use daily, night street lighting, artificial lighting in indoor facilities and lighting used in the automotive industry, emit different light spectrum from that which is naturally balanced and our bodies are accustomed in the course of evolution.


Wide range of the blue light that radiates all around us causes complete degenerations of cells for vision (lighting with short wavelength damages the cells and metabolic processes in our
eye) and leads to occurrence of cataract.


Under the influence of emitting blue light our body continues to secrete daily hormones, including stress hormone.

Considering all above mentioned factors, we offer the new Blue Filter / Blue Glide for protecting our body from effects of blue light.


Blue Filter / Blue Glide.

- Slows down macular degeneration in the eye
- Neutralizes effects of artificial blue light
- Enhances contrast perception, offers natural experience of colors
- Reduces reflection for more comfortable and relaxed vision
- Protects the dioptric lens from scratching, grease, dust, water and dirt

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