Elegance & Elegance FrameShape

22 June 2016, Comments 0


Elegance is monofocal lens with design made for minus dioptric lenses. The advantage is the maximal minimization of the edge thickness. Optical visual fields are 50мм, 45мм, 40мм, 35мм.
• A lens designed like this offers superior optical quality compared to traditional production od dioptric lenses. Possible to be manufactured in wide range of materials.


Elegance Frame Shape is a specifically designed monofocal lens with lenticular features, surface digitalization and control at different areas on the lens. There is a possibility, whenever a specific oblique of frame is in question, to lower the thickness of the lens in the area that is far from the central zone of vision and close to the edges of the frame. This option is significantly useful with big frames like sun protection or trendy glasses . Lenticularisation that follows the frame’s shape not only provides a thin lens, but also pays attention for the quality of vision as well as esthetic looks.

- Freedom in choosing modern frames
- Lowered thickness at the edges of minus lenses
- Always a thick lens
Width of HALO
The width of HALO is predefined by a software on 5mm.
Edge thickness on a finished lens depends on the HALO’s width.

Esthetically the most beautiful and thinnest monofocal lens with minus dioptric power

- Lens designed for minus dioptric power
- Features minimal edge thickness
- Option for manufacturing lenses in higher base

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