21 June 2016, Comments 0

For fast and easy adaptation to everyday activities.

Futura is new generation progressive lenses intended for users that are looking for easy adaptation without astigmatic obstacles in the peripheral zones, as well as high quality of the vision. This design of the lenses in adjusted to everyday activities and needs for people who have “presbyopia”.
• Because of the wide position of the zones in distance, we can offer this product to ementropes with low and middle high value of addition.
• With digitalization in the production process, we have obtained maximum performance in the control of the power of diopter values in the progressive zone intended for work.
Futura progressive diopter lenses available in three heights of adjustment, and therefore it fits for the biggest part of the modern diopter frames.

-The unnecessary peripheral astigmatic values are gone
- Possibility for production in wide range of materials
- De-centered design for 2 mm in terms of the geometric center of the lenses
- The product is available in tree heights for fitting 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm

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