21 June 2016, Comments 0

Ideal for unexperienced users of progressive lenses.

Infini i are new designed progressive lenses made with Free Form technology with significantly improved visual field for close and distant vision. They are characterized with aspherical-atoric internal surface of the lenses with digital manufacturing. By the asprerical-atoric internal surface of the lenses we are obtaining extremely big utilization of the visual field.
Infini are adjusted for unexperienced first time users of progressive lenses. Slightly balanced in the srossings from close to distant sight. They are extremely suitable for young presbyopes and also for senior users
• The possibility for calculation of the visual field with intelligent individual parameters, makes these progressive lenses personal for every user individually.

- Height of incorporation (height of pupil) from 17 mm to 23 mm
- Minimal ocular height of 27 mm
- Available in wide range of materials
- Possibility for production with individual parameters for certain patients.
- Decentralized design for 2mm in terms of the
geometric center of the lenses.

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