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Inoffis lenses are designed to provide total comfort for near and middle distance for all users.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the most common reason for rapid fatigue and poor performance in the workplace. Due to those reasons, taking consideration for ergonomics and the position of the customer in the work environment, excellent results for accurate and comfort vision are obtained when
using inoffis lenses, during the performance of the working tasks.

Such lenses are ideal for working distance from 35 cm to 4 m. They provide natural holding of the head’s position for all users.

Comfort vision for middle and near distance while working.

- Ideal solution for PRESBYOPES that spend the longer part of the day indoors
- Possibility for focusing objects on 35cm to 4m
- Seven different powers for digression
- Mention the dioptric power for near and wanted digression when ordering

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