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INVISIO lenses with their key features resemble Bifocal lenses because they have two zones (far and near), but aesthetically look more like monofocal (regular) lenses because the line of differentiating is almost invisible.

  • - Eliminates the line between two visual fields
  • - Easier transition from one to another visual zone
  • - Numerous choices of materials and finishes for the lens

Production digitalization provides production of INVISIO lenses in two different looks of the segment: circular and semi-circular.
Circular segment is 28mm wide, with no problem on getting used to and is adequate replacement for standard bibocal lenses.
Semi-circular segment is 45mm wide and provides comfort and wider usage of the near part.
INVISIO lenses sustain natural visual perception without distortion while eye travels from one visual field to another, which presents important characteristic of this lens.

Noticeable difference between FREE FORM technology that cuts the surface of dioptric lens and conventional production, is that with FREE FORM technology we have higher precision with cutting the surface.
INVISIO lenses are available in high range of materials with option to be enriched with high specter of antireflex layers and protective filters, which makes the lenses more comfortable optically and more aesthetic.


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