Light Form

21 June 2016, Comments 0

Ideal lenses for users who have indication for presbyopia.

– Lenses designed for glasses for constant wearing
- Mild progression to 0.50 diopters in the lower part of the lenses
- Facilitated accommodating when focusing on distant and near by objects
- Excludes indication of ASTHENOPIA (eye strain)


Light Form 040/060 developed design with prescription for watching in distance and a small visual correction at the same time.
Light Form 040 design intended for persons over 20 years old.
Light Form 060 design intended for persons with early presbyopia
• Eye strains and their effort is a difficult and common appearance. The symptoms are fatigue, headache and itching and burning sensation of the eyes.
• The fatigue when focusing on different distances is a serious problem to which every modern of monofocal glasses user is facing with. These symptoms can appear at home or in the work place.
Light Form lenses can prevent or decrease the eye fatigue.
Light Form 040 is intended for young ametropes, while Light Form 060 is intended for persons who are starting with presbyopia. Despite for providing maximum comfort when focusing, these lenses are also a great preparation for a user presbyopian to be with progressive solution.

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