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Operative are targeted progressive lenses specifically designed for everyday users that are surrounded with medium and near distance visual surrounding. These lenses provide maximum comfort and proper position of the body during their everyday working tasks in office environment.
• Нов Operative design is featured with mild diopter transition while simultaneous work in close distance and focusing objects in middle distance which provides the user a simple adaptation to the glasses. Operative is most comfort zone in the work environment for the user, with high accuracy, easy adaptation and bigger productivity in
the work as well.

For users which mostly use glasses for near and middle distance.

- New generation of lenses intended for working with distance from 35cm to 4m
- Incorporation height 16mm and 20mm

•Type1.3 intended for working distance up to 1.3m
•Type 2.0 intended for working distance up to 2m
•Type 4.0 intended for maximum working distance up to 4m

Detailed informations

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