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21 June 2016, Comments 0

Progressive lenses Sequel and Adapta with Digital Balance Surfacing (DBS) technology

Your lifestyle, our progressive!

• The latest technological innovations in terms of better adaptation on progressive lenses.

Sequel и Adapta with Digital Balance Surfacing technology are new and modern progressive lenses, developed for a higher level of personalization and establishing a balance of the vision for every user individually, depending on the lifestyle.

• Today, the needs of “presbyopia” are changing from day to day. The technological development and the usage of contemporary technology have influence in all spheres of our lives. It means that the visual needs are changing, as well as the natural habits of the users, as well as the needs for improvement of the vision according to the personal lifestyle

DBS Life
• Due to the big experience for design development of progressives, with fine balancing, we succeeded to offer to our users of progressive lenses, an excellent solution for every day, completely adjusted for every user. This design is intended for every user, for every day usage, without special request for certain visual sight.

DBS Read
• The wideness of the visual sight is important for these users. The comfort while working from close distance is adjusted to those users who want the most from DBS-Read design. The progressive lenses take care not only for the wideness of the visual sight, but also for reading in conditions of lower lightness.

• The demands of the contemporary progressive lenses user are increasing every day. The DBS-Far design is actually intended for those users that seek for extraordinarily broad and balanced field of view for distance. We recommend it for athletes, drivers and active users.


High quality progressive lenses for experienced users.

-Sequel (hard design) are personalized progressive lenses intended
for experienced users and users with higher demands
-Spontaneous and simple adaptation
-Available progressive distances 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20mm

-Adapta (soft deign) are personalized progressive lenses
-Intended for users that are wearing progressive lenses for the first time
-Spontaneous and simple adaptation
-Available progressive distances 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20mm

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