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Closest to natural vision are never before!

Wearing progressive lenses with unimaginable comfort

Varia are personal progressive lenses which allows to customers with “presbiopia” natural focusing on different distances with incomparably wider scope of vision.

In comparison with the so far freeform progressive lenses which are based on the improvement of the visual sight from the inner side of the lenses, Dual Surfacing technology goes one step further and provides improvement not only on the progressive surface from the surface side but also on the inner side of the lenses.

Dual Surface technology is visible in the distribution of the diopter power on the front side, as well as the back side on the surface of the lenses.

For this method of preparation the progressive lenses of Varia are obtained with 50% wider visual field.

The progressive lenses Varia is provided for all “presbiopians”, and in from of all for everyone that would like more ( wider visual sight with no limits) better (better progressive lenses than before ), and faster (instant adaptation without any period needed)!

Varia is personal progressive lenses made with the most modern DST technology. DST technology is based on the calculation in making of ideal outer and inner surfaces of the lenses in terms of the requested diopter value.

• Unlike the other progressive lenses in which the outside surface has spheric geometry , the lenses Varia are made with progressive growth of the base curve from the top towards the lower side of the outer surface of the lenses (example: in the upper part the base curve is 5.00D and in the lower part is 6.50D).


• The production of the inside surface of the lenses consists of precise compensated calculation of the ocular sight towards the outside surface. By merging of these two surfaces we obtain the progressive lenses Varia with wide ocular field and minimal astigmatic actions on periphery of the lenses.



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